Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Newton Rigg Bio-energy

I am trying to design a logo for Newton Riggs Bio-energy sector and this is the first attempt! any comments?

Monday, 22 March 2010


So I needed to make some changes to the site so that it worked better - add the phone number, change the size, find some images that would work etc. So here it is so far! what do you think?

Its a tragedy!

I just found some major spelling errors on my website - what a 'mare! I will be changing these today as I am appalled at myself!!! apologies to those of you who thought I was completely useless but I promise I will try harder not to make mistakes! If you notice any spelling errors PLEASE flag them up for me!

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Work In Progress.

Ok so i decided to put something on now. This is work in progress. I'm re-designing a members magazine for the Settle - Carlisle railway, before the magazine was crammed to the seams with text no images (and the few that were were black and white) it really wasn't amazingly pleasing to the eye so I decided to re-vamp it in a way that would not offend or off-put existing readers but also encourage younger people to read in. The main change here is to allow for more imagery to support the articles so that people are more inclined to read them. Any suggestions or pointers would be appreciated!


So today seems to have been pretty hectic - juggling three projects in one day is probably something I should get used to and to be honest it is getting slightly easier! I'm feeling a late night coming on here as there is loads to do! I know I have 8 weeks left of the course but it just doesn't seem like enough time to get everything I want to do, done! I'm looking forward to a bit of a break soon over the 2 weeks at easter - a trip to Wales and a bit of camping sounds good to me (in between doing work of course). I will stop ranting now and will probably be posting some work on here in the next few days.

(p.s - the guy next door is singing a song from dirty dancing at the top of his voice its pretty damn disturbing!)

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Website = up to date!

So I spent the entire weekend updating my website, well on Saturday I totally re-designed it but then decided this morning that I dint like it anymore and it would need to be done again! So today I persevered and I think it looks pretty nice, let me know what you think!

Welcoming the Light

So last night I went along to the 'welcoming the light' celebrations in Carlisle, for those of you that don't know they lit up the entire length of Hadrian's Wall placing torches every 250 meters. It was awesome - the streets of Carlisle were filled with hundreds of people carrying flaming torches accompanied by amazing music, fireworks and all sorts of theatrical spectaculars. I was well worth going!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Complete Relaxation

I don't know how people feel about their train journeys to and from places but my journey from home to uni is one of the most picturesque (in the world I would say) The Leeds - Settle - Carlisle is 100+ miles of completely unspoiled 'Yorkshireness' and beyond! I find it completely relaxing and awe inspiring and have most of my good ideas during those journeys, it gives me 'quality thinking time'. I thought I would share with you some snaps that I took of today's journey in glorious sunshire and snow topped peaks - perfect!

(you may have to excuse the reflections that appear from the window and the muck, I couldn't exactly wash the train window!)

Thursday, 4 March 2010

So i'm currently working on a website for an Italian Restaurant (as part of my major negotiated) only a really short snappy 1 day thing to stop my mind from getting bord of working on the same thing over and over again. Infact for some mad reason i'm doing 4 projects at once at the minute, I find it easier than doing one at a time (don't ask why 'cos i'm not too sure myself!) Let me know what you think anyway!

P.S - The weather was nice today for a change! I even managed to shower without freezing to death this morning (which is a rare thing 'cos my house is the coldest house ever trust me!)

So I decided to go ahead with this!

After putting off starting a blog for ages I figured why the hell not start one now? It will at least give me somewhere to share my views if nothing else but may also cause a distraction - oh well we will see what happens! This first post isn't really anything but I promise it will get better (hopefully anyway)